Accountacy for Care Home & Nursing

Accountancy Services Offered

  • Payroll – Having a PAYE system up-to-date will help you managing your employees wage expenses and the liabilities for HMRC. We have our own customised system to properly monitor, the monthly expense and the tax liabilities and direct point of contact with HMRC regarding payroll queries, for your employees on your behalf.
  • Monthly management Accounts –These set of financial statements, prepared periodically, allowing the business you to understand the financial trading position of the business and make decisions based on the data which leading to have more control over your business.
  • Final Accounts -The final account depicts the results from operations of a business organization and also reflects the financial condition of the business organization during a certain period in other words; it is prepared to achieve overall objectives of accounting. We help you to achieve this with our experienced accountants who are depth in knowledge and experience.
  • Raising invoices – Invoices are used for requesting money from customers and updating the sales revenue accounting. We raise the invoices on time for the customers on your behalf and we ensure that your business records have the accurate revenue without having any customer being ignored.
  • Credit Control –The system used by a business to make sure that it gives credit only to customers who are able to pay, and that customers pay on time. Credit Control is a critical system of control that prevents the business from becoming illiquid due to improper and un-coordinated issuance of credit to customers. We will make it easy for you by having proper monitoring system and control the credits by interacting with the customers on your behalf and we make sure the process is smooth every time.


Services for Care Home & Nursing

  • Care Home Health Check – All aspects of a care home to be audited in order to identify the areas for improvement especially “inspection readiness”.
  • Care Plan Audits – This helps by suggesting the areas that should be improved by providing on-going support to improve care planning services
  • Personnel / Staff File Audit – Our audit of staff file will help to identify the areas for improvements. Proper organising methods will never let us to be amazed by the number of staff files.
  • Staff Training Audit – you can customise this service with a training partner of your choice for auditing the staff training matrix, staff certificate and staff organising training.
  • Staff Rota Audit – Staff Rota Audit will help to identify the best mix of staffing for the clients. Development of this tool is to match the need of the home and the regulatory expectations of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to be met. 
  • Person centred activity planning – This service is mainly for is to observe the complicated clients and working with the care team staff to develop activities to match with their needs.